Three Big Players Linked To Manchester United

Three Big Players Linked To Manchester United

This English Premier League season has been an uneven one for the football club that calls Old Trafford home. A quick look at the Premier League Table shows that Man U is sixth in the rankings behind teams like Man City, Arsenal, and Chelsea. If the team is to rebound in the second half of the season, they are likely going to need to make some personnel moves to bolster the performance of the team. Below is a quick snapshot of a few players who may be called in to see if they can change the performance of a team that seems to be relying on the long ball lately more and more.


If the Red Devils are looking to make a splashy move to climb up the standings in the EPL, signing Pepe may be the perfect way to get that done. While he may not have the same pep in his step that he used to, the Portugal National Team Center-Back would love to be reunited with Cristiano Ronaldo for a shot at EPL glory if Ronaldo wanted to come home. Currently under contract with La Liga’s Real Madrid, Pepe may end up being a transfer that is just a little too rich for Man U’s blood. If the Red Devils are able to acquire the defensive specialist, they would very quickly sure up a back line that has proven to be a little shaky in the season. Stay tuned to see if Pepe suits up for Manchester United at some point during the Premier League Season.

Tiemoue Bakayoko

Bakayoko is a French-born defensive midfielder who has been in the cross hairs of the Red Devils for some time now. At just 22 years of age, it seems like now is the perfect time to move for this rising superstar who is fresh off of an appearance with the French Under 21 Team. If the Red Devils are looking to get younger on the back line, it seems like Bakayoko would be a natural fit. He is a Cote d’Ivoire duel national citizen that currently plays for AS Monaco. The only drawback of signing the player right now is that he may be commanding his highest transfer fee to date at this point due to his outstanding play as of late.

Lassana Diarra

A final player that may be on Man U’s radar for the next half of the Premier League season is Lassana Diarra. The Frenchman has played for Marseilles in League One for most of his professional career, and a transfer up north to England could be just what he needs to jumpstart his career again. The defensive Midfielder has a rare combination of size, speed, and smarts that would give the Red Devils a good option in the middle when they want to switch up their pace of play. If Lassana is going to leave France, Man U is going to have to make a great offer to the club since they really value the versatility that he brings.

Jose Mourinho is not known for making many moves in the winter window so it remains to be seen if he is prepared to change his habits this season with United.