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Will Manchester United Turn Into The New Galacticos?

Big news from Spain this week as Sergio Ramos is apparently looking to leave Real Madrid and play for one other big club before ending his professional career. According to Metro, the 29 year old who is under contract until 2017, could end his decade long collaboration with Real and start looking for a new challenge. The choice is obvious in terms of the Championship next in line to challenge the central defender. There is really no doubt he will move to the Premier League considering Barcelona is not an option, Bayern is under Guardiola’s management and Juve is part of a Championship which is totally opposite to La Liga as far as defending duties go. That leaves the UK where Manchester United and Chelsea have the biggest chance of signing Ramos.

Even though the Blues could seem like they have the upper hand due to the fact that Mourinho has worked with Ramos before, Manchester could still secure the center-back’s signature. LVG looks determined to upgrade the team and also looks willing to spend big. Ramos could be tempted by the new project at Old Trafford and might not be as keen to sign with Chelsea where the team is already built and also where Abramovich is keen mostly on signing players who are closer to 20 years of age rather than 30. Currently Ramos is valued at about £38m which should not be a problem for United.

Apparently, Ramos is not the only big star LVG is looking to sign as reportedly Mario Gotze recently made it on to the wanted transfer list while rumours of deals for the likes Otamendi, Mandzukic, Firmino et al continue. Gotze is among a select few who could really help turn Manchester United into an all-star team built out of experienced championship winning players looking for a new challenge.