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Why fewer United players for England might actually be a good thing

Why fewer United players for England might actually be a good thing

For a long time, Manchester United have had to suffer the burden of their English players being commandeered by England and used recklessly and clearly more than necessary by a succession of England managers. Not only has this meant that more United players are fatigued and overrun, they are also fantastic scapegoats for fans of other teams to blame when things go wrong for England.

The greatest example, of course, is David Beckham, for so long the golden boy of English football whether it was when he was curling in free kicks against Greece or smashing penalties down the middle against Argentina, he was adored. However, when things went wrong, it was always his fault, always his mistake and always Beckham who would take on the brunt of the misguided anger.

It might be getting wrongly sent off against Argentina or jumping out of a tackle against Brazil, but he was an easy target. Things then moved on to Wayne Rooney who was always chastised and came back unhappy and unmotivated from England duty as the weight of the country was held on his broad shoulders. United players always seem to get it in the neck.

Over the years it has been suggested that United automatically get players into the squad just because of who they are, which, of course, is idiotic, top players play for United and then their country, it’s not a shock. However, now that United have fewer players than usual in the squad, three in this most recent one, somehow it means they have declined.

This may though, actually be a good thing for the red devils, less pressure, less players returning as hollowed out husks after another embarrassing England tournament. United fans will still have plenty of players to watch this summer. In fact many are tipped for great things with punters rushing to take advantage of the $200 free bet when football betting at Spin Palace Sports, to back David De Gea’s Spain and Paul Pogba’s France to win the whole thing.

The fact that there are less England players from United then shouldn’t be a worry, it should be seen as a good thing. Let other teams shoulder the burden United have for years, let City deal with one of their players being a scapegoat, let Tottenham be called bad for English football. United are well shot of that mess.

United look set to give three players to England in Rashford, Lingard and Young, and that is ideal. Lingard in particular has been great for England recently. These three are enough players to give us something to shout about and watch but not so many that a poor performance might really hit the squad. International football is no longer the peak and these players know that.

They will hopefully come back to Carrington better rested and more motivated than previous English players from United. They are players with thick skin and who are unlikely to get the kind of stick Harry Kane or Dele Alli will if England fail. United have had England related pressure for too long, it’s someone else’s time now.