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Why A Neymar Transfer To United Would Take An Amazing Amount Of Money

Why A Neymar Transfer To United Would Take An Amazing Amount Of Money

Manchester’s shaky performances have been a constant source of gossip for important names in the news business. Every week new players are linked to the club and new managers are named as the future leaders of Man United. With some minor slip-ups though, both the team and staff have done a good job setting things on track after Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure. It takes time and patience, which is hard to come by in the Premier League, especially when it comes to what is probably the most iconic brand in the UK.

The rumor that represents the root of this article is that of Neymar’s arrival to Old Trafford. As good as it may sound, as outrageous it actually is. According to Metro, signing the Brazilian from Barcelona would cost £144m plus a £1million-a-week salary that would make the 24-year-old the best paid footballer in the world. Not sure what is more outrageous: the amount of money speculated in the press or the idea that Neymar would actually leave Barcelona. Honestly, paying a player almost 4 times more than the highest paid player in the Premier League would be insane. Add to that the fact that the player’s name is Wayne Rooney and you might get how ridiculous such a move would be.

Aside from the insane amounts of money speculated which are surely exaggerated there is also a matter of efficiency. Unarguably, Neymar is brilliant but, would he be “just as brilliant” in the toughest domestic competition in Europe? There are few major players who could probably perform at the same level as they did with their previous teams, especially when coming from Spain. I even doubt that Ronaldo would be as good as he was a while back after his experience in La Liga.

Manchester United’s lot could do without Neymar. Some players are destined to play for particular clubs. Just as Rooney and Giggs were destined for United, Neymar’s place is in Barcelona. You have to question the usefulness of such a move. With the current lot and two or three new key players LVG could win the title. For £144million you can bring in three brilliant players like let`s say Aubameyang, Reus and Hummels. You could sign Isco, Benzema and Stones or you could sign Griezmann, Pogba and Varane. There’s no need for Neymar at Old Trafford. All they need is to become more of a team and focus on prospects such as Martial, Memphis or Lingard and continue to develop as a team as the quality and talent is almost certainly already in the United squad.