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Who Should Manchester United Bid For?

Who Should Manchester United Bid For?

It is going to be a very interesting summer for football fans all across the world. Why all across the world? Because Chinese and US clubs are looking to invest massively as well, thus making the transfer game even more interesting. Fortunately, Manchester United have all the financial power they need to sign any player willing to change clubs. If what the Daily Express says is true, Real Madrid will be the biggest seller of the summer as they are preparing for a complete change in players. Currently, Ronaldo, Ramos, Isco and Rodriguez are rumored to leave. Bale and Benzema are also in doubt and might actually leave the Bernabeu. It will not be a surprise seeing any of these players leave after Real parted ways with icons like Raul or Casillas.

Manchester United could take advantage of this situation and go for some of the players mentioned above. We’ve ruled out Ronaldo who would not do much good in the locker room and would also represent a massive investment for a player over 30. Ramos also seems off the table as he is a born leader and it is hard to believe he would play second fiddle to Rooney in the locker room. That leaves Isco, Rodriguez, Bale and Benzema. Out of these four who would be best suited for United?

Karim Benzema could probably be most fans’ first choice. United needs a striker like him. He has the experience, the efficiency and the determination. On the other side, if Martial can be turned into a no.9 this summer, there would be no point in signing his fellow compatriot.

Gareth Bale is the player linked to United the most and he would provide the kind of marquee signing United are famous for with his ability to score all kinds of goals and beat defenders one-on-one. But the amount of time the Welshman spends on the sidelines due to injury has to be a concern. His injury history might be the very reason Real Madrid could be considering moving him on although with his pricetag there are not going to be many suitors who can afford him. A fit Bale is one extraordinary player but he is a gamble with his fitness issues and massive transfer fee.

James Rodriguez is also a good fit for what Manchester needs right now. He scores goals, he shoots from long range and he creates a lot of goal chances. He is young, fast and might just become the player who orchestrates United’s game.

Isco is very similar to Rodriguez. That`s one of the reasons he is looking to leave. Real Madrid managers have had a hard time pairing the two especially with Modric and Kroos also available. He has the skill, the speed and most importantly the attitude for the Premier League. He is not a player to go down easy which is definitely a plus for the UK.

Looking at the opportunities, Benzema and Isco would be best suited for a transfer while Bale might make the most noise in the media due to the fee involved and the reported pursuit of him by United already. Not sure if all rumors regarding Real are true but if they are, Manchester United should take advantage.