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What Has Become Of This Manchester United Prodigy?

What Has Become Of This Manchester United Prodigy?

It`s sad to see how Belgium’s wonder kid ended up, after a couple of bad choices and probably too much attention directed towards him at a young age. Raised as a left-winger but used mostly on the right by Manchester, Januzaj could have saved the club a lot of money if proper care would have been given to him. Unfortunately, he exploded during a transition process and was not able to keep up with the changes.

Mostly used under David Moyes’ supervision, Januzaj was featured in 60 games for United in which he scored 5 times and provided 4 assists. Then came the big transfers which left the youngster on the bench next to Falcao and Di Maria. There were some strange times back then, times that did not do the Belgium international any good. He became a third or even fourth choice after Mata, Depay and Herrera and decided it is the perfect moment to leave and become the player everyone expected him to become.

What better place to do that than the team that gave the world Gotze, Lewandowski, Reus, Hummels and Aubameyang? Apparently it was not the team to go with. Dortmund was a dead end for Januzaj who just cut his loan short after a disastrous couple of months. Too much was expected of him in such a short time. Dortmund is a great team with or without Klopp or the ones mentioned above. Manchester United’s rising star never stood a chance against Reus and Mkhitaryan who next to Aubameyang create one of the best attacking lines in Europe.

Januzaj should have been sent to a team that needed a winger not to a team that had already some of the best players out there. The 20-year-old should get some career advice from Gerard Deulofeu who started in a similar situation. The right choices made him one of Everton’s most valuable players right now, despite a rocky start at Barcelona. I`m not saying Januzaj should leave but he should start with a team that needs him. This way he will build up confidence and start showing his abilities. Starting with that moment, it would only be a matter of time until he gets called back to Manchester to start helping the team and it appears that he is now on his way back to United. According to ESPN one offer was made from Rot Weiss Ahlen, which is a German club in the 4th position in  the league but that is not something to consider. A move like this (joke or not), would not motivate Januzaj and would set back his career which is already pretty shaky right now.