Vote Now – Do You Support The New Proposed European Super League?

Vote Now – Do You Support The New Proposed European Super League?

While Manchester United were playing Burnley this past Sunday reports of the proposed European Super League broke in the media with commentator Gary Neville making it extremely clear how he felt about the concept saying the new League is based purely on greed and the desire for big clubs to make more money and seize control of European competition.

Neville did not hold back and was particularly critical of Manchester United and Liverpool as he made it very clear how fans and the football community in general feel about the proposal. Vote below in our poll to have your say on whether you support the proposed new European Super League.

The new League would not require teams to qualify to enter it and would work in the same way as North America’s sporting leagues like the NFL, NBA and NHL. Clubs would face each other in a series of round-robin games before ultimately qualifying for the play-offs with winners crowned each season but crucially with no ability for other clubs to enter the competition. The Champions League and Europa League which are both due to be restructured would no longer be possible.

With Man United and PL rivals Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur plus Spanish giants Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid as well as Italian giants Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan all set to join the new Super League according to reports it is shocking that none of the teams mentioned had even notified their managers or players ahead of Sunday’s announcement.

As a result United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was left to answer questions about the Super League without even knowing that his club had signed up for it. Jurgen Klopp also faced similar questions after his side drew with Leeds United on Monday night and the German manager was tetchy at best in his interviews.

So far the football community including current players and managers, former players, pundits, broadcasters like Sky Sports and crucially fans plus even the British government have all responded in the same way offering no support for the new League and calling out the sheer greed and desire for control that the 12 clubs are seemingly being motivated by.

It is interesting that mega clubs PSG, Bayern Munich and other top clubs from around Europe like Portuguese champions Porto have all declined to join the Super League. It is no surprise that the Premier League teams with American owners – Liverpool, Arsenal and Man United – have all signed up. The fact that the clubs expect to stay in the Premier League and be able to play in the new Super League shows just how self-serving this announcement is with many pundits, journalists and fans calling for the British teams to be suspended from the Premier League immediately with fines and points deductions imposed.

Fans have made the clubs as big as they are and they would not exist were it not for their supporters and this idea smacks of the owners taking away the clubs from the fans hence the pretty much universal opposition to the new Super League.

Looking at it the two teams that may hold the future of the proposed new League in their hands are Manchester City and Chelsea. Both of these clubs do not need the revenue which would be delivered by this new League as they are backed by such wealthy owners so if either club was to drop out it may bring the Super League to an end before it even starts and we can only hope this happens.