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United’s Future Champions League Opponents Narrowed Down

United’s Future Champions League Opponents Narrowed Down

After all Champions League games scheduled have ended, Manchester United can draw the line and start analyzing some of the most important teams that they could face on the 18th of August. Even though they dodged some bullets there by avoiding confrontations with Valencia or Shakhtar Donetsk, there are some pretty big names that could come to Old Trafford. Here is a short analysis of the teams which will be rated from one to five, 1 being the most dangerous team to play against.
5. Young Boys (Young Boys Bern) – Even though they have a 117 year history, BSC YB are the most approachable adversary. With an overall lot value of about £30million and with no noticeable results in over three decades, they are clearly the underdogs.
4. Sporting Lisbon – The Portuguese club is not what it used to be and will also probably say goodbye to a few players this summer which will make them an easier target for Manchester United but the Portuguese side have an excellent pedigree in the CL so they will be no push-over..
3. AS Monaco – Things get a bit trickier with Monaco who last year managed to leave the Champions League with their heads held up high after eliminating Arsenal and putting up a strong fight against Juventus. Not sure if they will be on the same level this year.
2. Lazio – As always Lazio is the fighting team that will be ready to give their last breath to go through to the next round. They have great morale from last season and have been on an ascending trend for the past year or so which might motivate them even more. Even though they are not too far from Monaco in terms of value, they do represent a threat due to their fighting spirit.
1. Fenerbahce SK – The Turks have the strongest lot by far especially now that Manchester allowed Van Persie and Nani to join them. With other names like Diego, Raul Meireles, Krasic and Mehmet Topal also available, Manchester will have a tough job eliminating them. Aside from the big names featured in the starting eleven list there will also be the matter of the away game which will be a nightmare for LVG considering how fanatic Turkish fans are.
Hopefully all the transfers made by LVG this summer will be more than enough to handle any team regardless of the circumstances.