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The Ever Enigmatic LVG Could Not Hide His Happiness After Derby Win

The Ever Enigmatic LVG Could Not Hide His Happiness After Derby Win

LVG is certainly an interesting interview and like Jose Mourinho he always speaks his mind but unlike Mou he rarely avoids addressing the tough questions no matter how much journalists try to get the better of him and I am yet to hear any of said jornalists get one over on the legendary Dutchman in any of his interviews since taking over at Old Trafford.

After his side’s undeniable mauling of their cross-town rivals even the sometimes understated manager openly showed his delight at the complete domination his side delivered vs Man City (outside the first 15mins as he honestly admitted).

When speaking after the game, LVG, naturally as the kind of results oriented boss he is, was gushing about United picking up all 3 points with such a brilliant performance and moving 4 points ahead of the Citizens in 4th but he was most happy that Man United fans would be able to walk around the streets knowing that their team was the best team in the city. After the at best “modest” start to the season from his club (they had a spell of winning 13 points from 11 matches) LVG was genuinely chuffed to be giving the fans something to shout about and he was most appreciative of how the fans have stuck behind the team to a man and have been unwavering in their vocal support. As their manager put it when talking about the match, “…Manchester derby victory the best I have seen at Old Trafford…”

The more I hear from Louis Van Gaal the more I like him – he clearly knows what he is on about and he is a man of his convictions – awesome traits for your manager to have. To hear more of Louis’ interview courtesy of talkSPORT listen below.