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The Curious Case Of Ryan Giggs

The Curious Case Of Ryan Giggs

How do you solve a problem like Giggsy?

There are not enough superlatives in the English dictionary to describe Ryan Giggs as a player. A legend of a player, part of the “class of 92”, a record breaking career filled with trophies and brilliant goals. If you don’t know how important Giggs is to our history then you need to take a good hard look at why you are reading a Man Utd story!

When he retired and made the move into coaching we all had the dream/fantasy that he would do a “Pep” and go on to masterfully manage the team he served so loyally and for so long. I once had a fantasy that Eric Djemba Djemba would turn out to be a world class midfielder so goes to show dreams don’t always come true.

Giggsy’s first non playing appointment was as a first team coach alongside the much maligned David Moyes. The role allowed him to learn how to handle the pressure of managing such a big club. Something Moyes clearly struggled with himself.

With the departure of Moyes with four games left of the 14/15 season Giggs found himself promoted to caretaker manager and we were treated to a glance into what could be. His friends were called to help and suddenly we had a management team of Giggs, Scholes, Butt and both Nevilles. United immediately improved on the pitch and started playing the United way, youth players were given opportunities and the disastrous previous nine months were forgotten. Was the improvement Giggs inspired or were the players liberated by the removal of a leader who couldn’t lead?

When LVG was appointed it was only on the understanding that Giggs was appointed his Assistant Manager. Another promotion in the bag for the Welshman but after observing the last two seasons you could question the validity of this arrangement. At no time during LVG’s reign had Giggs looked like he was wanted or even needed. He always looked like a man on the outside and seemed to share little rapport with the grumpy Dutchman. You don’t have to be a psychologist to know something was up. What was Giggs actually learning from this set up?

Throughout 2016 rumours circulated that the poor performances on the pitch would lead to a change in management. Fans called for the appointment of Giggs desperate to return to the United we all remember and love. Some pointed to his successful short management stint but I still question whether Giggs who has no previous managerial experience was ever a suitable candidate. You wouldn’t give the manager’s job to someone who not only lacks adequate credentials let alone someone associated with two previous failed regime’s. On this occasion thankfully Frodo Woodward saw sense and with his neck on the line made the logical choice. Enter Jose Mourinho…..

With the arrival of Jose, and his backroom staff, every United fan is wondering what next for our famous former No.11

In the absence of an opportunity to continue his learning process as assistant manager no clear role currently exists within the club. Mourinho obviously valuing his knowledge and importance has told Giggs that he can choose his own role within the club.

This is an ideal opportunity for Giggs to continue his love affair with United.

I would suggest a move into a Director Of Football type of role. A figurehead role alongside Jose. A sort of Head Of Football role. Jose needs a club man for the job and who better than Mr Man Utd Ryan Giggs?

Such a role would allow him to carry on his learning process, whilst joining in team coaching session across all age levels. Helping install a consistent style of play from top to bottom.

He has the chance to be instrumental in the transfer market and in securing new players, no starry eyed teenager would reject a legend like Ryan Giggs asking you to join the club. Sure Woodward would handle the finances but the presence of such a club institution should mean no player slips through our fingers.

He can assist at Reserve and Under 18’s level. Warren Joyce has done an amazing job winning the reserve league 4 times in the last 5yrs. He has done so whilst being handicapped by players being loaned out or promoted to the first team. I can see part of Giggs new role as sort of a bridge between lower age levels and Mourinho. Absorbing Joyce’s experience would be no bad thing for his development.

He can be instrumental aiding his fellow “Class of 92” teammate Nicky Butt in the ongoing restructuring of our academy. With the departure of Paul McGuiness and Choccy McClair in the last 12 months our academy has been criticised amid suggestions of decaying standards. Such accusations are of course instantly disproven by two words Marcus Rashford. Giggs can play a pivotal and influential role guiding the crop of talented youngsters emerging from the younger age levels. If it’s true that Angel Gomes will be the next big thing then he will need guiding by someone who experienced the same meteoric rise to stardom.

Ryan Giggs has the right to choose his role and I for one hope he stays. If he wants 100k a week for making the tea then buy him a apron and a new kettle, but please please Ryan don’t say goodbye. If you do walk away you will always have a special place in our hearts and we could always offer the same role to Phil Neville (yikes!!!)

What role would you like to see Ryan Giggs take up?

Should he leave and gain more managerial experience?

Please share your thoughts and comments.