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Schweinsteiger: United Can Win The League

Manchester United’s new signing Bastian Schweinsteiger is certainly not one who lacks experience in the trophy lifting department. If there’s a trophy to win, chances are he’s won it. The German, who signed from Bayern Munich for around £14m this summer, says he came to Manchester United to win titles and believes manager Louis van Gaal will bring the glory days back to the club.

“First of all, I think it is not easy to win a title in the Premier League, as you have really good teams here.” Schweinsteiger told Sky Sports.

“But if everyone works hard together, and believes in each other, I think there is a chance to win the title.”

“It is not easy, I know that, the rest of the team and coach knows that. We know what we can do and bring on the pitch, so we have to be convinced about ourselves, and I think we are, but we have to work a lot.”

“I remember also the first year that he came we almost won the Treble.” Schweinsteiger said.

“But we lost the (Champions League) final against Inter Milan. You know with him what kind of person you have in the club, so you know the way.”

“The year before last, Manchester United were seventh and then last year they were fourth. And after the first 10 matches, I remember United had 13 points, but from that day on they played a really good season.”

“So I think we have the chance to come closer and I see the possibilities here and with such a big club and its supporters, you can achieve something here this season. I am also looking forward to challenging myself, but I especially want to win titles.”

Speaking about how Van Gaal effected his career by playing him in the middle of the park rather than on the left.

“He [Van Gaal] was very important as he when he came to Bayern Munich, he saw from our previous five matches – when Jupp Heynckes was coach – that I played in central midfield. So he liked it and he let me play in that position at No 6, 8 and sometimes 10. So it was very important that he trusted me in that situation and from then on, I played in that position and I think I had some nice matches.”

Schweinsteiger then admitted that leaving Munich was no easy decision, but United was always on his mind.

“I was looking forward my whole career to once playing somewhere else to get the experience and if I thought about moving to England, I always had Manchester United in my head.” he said.

“I am looking forward to this challenge in my life. I won everything in Munich and had an unbelievable time there, we had big success, won the Treble, and also with the national team we won the World Cup, and now I was ready for a change. ”

“In 2010, I also had the possibility to change to another club, but I was not ready as I wanted to win the Champions League with Bayern Munich first.”

“Now I had a feeling that I deserve it, to see something different, and so in the end I have to say that the timing was perfect! And also to play for Manchester United is a really big honour.”

Former boss Pep Guardiola has raised question marks over the No 31’s fitness, something the German dismisses.

“I am fit, I am getting fitter.” he said. “I had long holidays this summer and I came a little bit late to the team, and then I had a small calf injury in America, which was not perfect. But I am getting in better and better shape and within one or two weeks I will be at the highest level and then I can play like I want.”

“In the past, I was not injured that much. I had a small problem with my knee and one operation on my ankle three years ago. And by the way I won the World Cup, so you have to be fit!”

[All quotes sourced from Sky Sports]