Schneiderlin: United Have Silenced The Critics

Schneiderlin: United Have Silenced The Critics

Manchester United midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin believes his side have silenced the critics who criticised the side’s ‘slow’ start to the season.

United moved to the top of the Premier League table on Saturday after a 3-0 victory over Sunderland, and also got their Champions League campaign up and running with a 2-1 win over Wolfsburg – after previously losing out to PSV.

Despite being top of the league, United still face many criticisms over their style of play. However, Schneiderlin thinks his team should be cut some slack:

“I do feel we are improving,” said Schneiderlin.

“At the start of the season people were talking about good results and not very good performances. In the last few weeks I don’t hear this any more, they don’t complain about the style of play or anything and that is because we have improved.”

“We can see that on the training pitch and we can see that in the games. We are much better on the ball, we are doing better things and something we play is very high quality football. But there are still some things we can improve.”

Speaking about United’s 2-1 win last night, goalscorer Chris Smalling said his team need to be able to control games and finish them off stronger:

“I think we made it difficult for ourselves and we could probably learn to manage and control games a little bit better in those last 10 minutes,” the defender said.

“If you drop 10 yards deeper you invite that pressure. We held on and we deserved the three points.”

“It was a great feeling [to score] and, with Juan, you never know what he’s going to do with those tricks and flicks. He does them every day in training. You just have to gamble.”

Van Gaal said Smalling’s goal would give the player more confidence going forward.

“The way he scored the goal was outstanding, especially for a defender and especially for him because he is not doing that so much. Now he has the confidence to do that. I’m very pleased with his performance.”

[All quotes via the Guardian]