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Papers Give Jose A Hammering But He Can Handle It & Will Come Out Fighting

Papers Give Jose A Hammering But He Can Handle It & Will Come Out Fighting

Jose Mourinho undeniably had a bad day on Sunday at Stamford Bridge where his former Chelsea players seemed motivated to prove their former boss was the problem last season as they pretty much took United apart. Many newspaper columns have had rather scathing words for the world class and rather well-decorated Jose like the Guardian who laid into the United manager and reported,

“Jose Mourinho has worn this haunted expression before — the one of utter bewilderment while battling back an inward sense of shock, with eyebrows raised in resignation at how powerless he had been rendered by his team’s abject deficiencies out on the grass of this arena… This time the colour drained from his cheeks as he stood, pained and alone, from his adopted position in the away team’s technical area and surveyed the wreckage of his worst defeat in English football.”

The Mirror were no more complementary and pulled no punches citing the re-emergence of Hazard under Conte as they reported,

“It was Mourinho’s biggest defeat in the Premier League and there was no disguising the venom in Chelsea’s performance. They were driven by revenge against Mourinho — and they destroyed Manchester United in the process. And no player had bigger motivation than Hazard who simply did not turn up last season and yet has been reborn under Antonio Conte.”

The Daily Telegraph got personal naming and shaming players while criticising the tactics and the United performance as a whole as they also reported on the not so ‘special’ chants aimed at Mourinho,

“This was an embarrassing scoreline, an embarrassing performance and embarrassing tactics from United. It was the kind of display that should lead to a reckoning with abject contributions from the likes of world-record signing Paul Pogba, Daley Blind, Marouane Fellaini and stand-in captain Chris Smalling. ‘You’re not special anymore,’ sang the Chelsea fans briefly during the first half and there was nothing special about Mourinho or United.”

At the end of the day the Red-Devils are only 6 points out of top spot sitting in 7th position in the League after 9 games and sure United have had a recent bad run with only 3 wins in 8 games in all competitions but Jose Mourinho is still a top manager. It was only in 2015 that he won the title for Chelsea and if he had not been sacked by Chelsea, he like Guus Hiddink would have steered Chelsea to safety easily by the end of the season. Other top teams will drop points over the season and go through lean patches so it is time to keep the faith in JM and back him in the face of some disappointing results from a team which is still trying to discover its identity under their new manager. Unquestionably, Jose Mourinho will not give up and he will take the criticism and use it as motivation to come back fighting and he will drive his United team onto better things – it will not happen overnight but he will take care of business.