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Neymar Rumours Will Embarrass Manchester United

Neymar Rumours Will Embarrass Manchester United

There isn’t a transfer window that goes by where Manchester United aren’t linked with audacious moves for the world’s footballing stars. The latest of these has made headlines all week long. Manchester United are said to be interested in bringing Barcelona star Neymar to the club in a deal worth over £100 million. Transfer rumours often surprise us, but when they’re as ridiculous as this particular one it really does beg the question, where do these rumours come from?

There probably isn’t a United fan in the world who truly believes that Neymar is Manchester bound, so how can it be taken so seriously by the media? The news of United’s interest for Neymar has spread across the UK like a virus, but in reality, the reports have been published for one simple reason. To embarrass the club.

The media seem to take great pleasure in linking players with big-money moves to Manchester United, purely because of the humongous fan-base the club have. They know that whatever they publish will be read by United fans, but also football fans who want a dig at the Red Devils. The media’s use of the stupidly large price tags they label players with provides good material for people to mock United with. The Old Trafford club become a side who seemingly throw money left right and centre in order to land their man – something that just isn’t true, despite how much they have spent in recent times. Reports such as the Neymar one gives off a terrible look towards Manchester United, who will almost certainly become a laughing stock when the inevitable happens that Neymar speaks out and commits to the Catalan side.

There is absolutely no chance Neymar would swap Barcelona for Manchester, not due to the beautiful weather Barcelona promises, or the fact United finished 4th last season as apposed to Barcelona’s treble triumph (well maybe). Neymar’s reluctance to become a Manchester United player has little to do with the club itself, but more about the club he already represents. The Brazilian is one of the most famous footballers in the world and is an icon throughout European and indeed world football. He is an integral part of Barcelona’s team, who happen to be the best team in the world.

So as the media continue to play on the hopes of football fans during the transfer windows, let’s all take a moment to thank the heavens that there is just one more week of the transfer window left.