Manchester United vs Arsenal: Match Preview, Prediction And Injury Update

Manchester United vs Arsenal: Match Preview, Prediction And Injury Update

Manchester United should be feeling pretty confident that this Sunday will bring yet another win against Arsenal.

They should also think of this game as decisive when it comes to their direct brawl with Liverpool who are the only ones with an actual chance of taking the 2nd place position behind champions Manchester City from the Old Trafford side.

The United injury list is shorter than it has been this season with only Romero being unavailable, although Valencia’s presence on the pitch is in slight doubt but there’s a 90% chance he will start on Sunday.

On the other hand, Arsenal have bigger problems with Elneny unavailable and Mkhitaryan only just returning from injury, a decisive clash against Atletico 4 days away from the United game and the pressure that these are Wenger’s last games.

Arsenal played well against Atletico but considering they played 80+ minutes with a man advantage they should have scored more goals and conceding the late away goal to Manchester United target Antoine Griezmann was criminal.

In terms of starting line-ups, United are likely to use the same formation as they did against Tottenham with a slight possibility of seeing Darmian instead of Valencia.

De Gea will be in goal and have Young, Jones, Smalling and Valecia or Darmian in front.

In the middle we will most likely see Matic in his usual role with Pogba and Herrera in front. Sanchez and Lingard will be on the flanks and Lukaku will be leading the attack.

United will be going for the win and it will be interesting to see how Arsene Wenger chooses to play but the return of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is certain and the likelihood of Lacazette playing again is fairly high even though he will be needed on Thursday against Atletico Madrid.


Wenger may rest players but he will surely play a strong team, wanting to end his Arsenal tenure with a last win at Old Trafford and get one over on his rival Jose Mourinho. The United boss has recently complimented Wenger on his career and achievements at Arsenal and said he hopes to be friends later in life seemingly feeling regretful over the various bust-ups the two managers have had over the years.

No matter what has been said ahead of the game there will be no love lost when United kick off on Sunday against Arsenal and we see a 3-2 Manchester United win on the cards.