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Manchester United Ready To Buy In Bulk

Manchester United Ready To Buy In Bulk

Manchester United are rumored to plan yet another overhaul this summer as the current squad has failed to grow together as a group. Even though individually, the Devils have some of the best and most promising players out there, some things are still missing. The midfield does not have a leader and the defense lacks focus and speed. The attack also needs a bit of an upgrade as there is no no.9 currently available in LVG’s lot. Rooney is amazing but he is a second striker, position into which he has been settling more and more as time goes by. It will be a bit difficult for Manchester to attract big names for next season though if they fail to qualify for the Champions League. According to Sky Sports, Rooney has his eyes set on the Europa League. Winning the trophy would salvage a weak season and would also secure a spot in the most important European Competition. The 30-year-old has lost hope when it comes to qualifying from 4th place in the Premier League and is now focusing on winning the Europa League. The Devils face Midtjylland on the 18th and hope to go all the way.

If United do win the Europa League, most say they will invest and try buying in bulk. Why do such a thing? Mostly because it will save LVG a lot of time trying to create game connections. Here are two trios rumored to be heading to Old Trafford.

  1. Aubameyang – Ilkay Gundogan – Hummels – It wouldn’t be the first time these names are linked to Manchester United. Aubameyang is the latest on the list but what a transfer he would make? Aubameyang next to Martial and possibly a revived Depay would demolish any defense. Gundogan and Hummels have been on the list for at least two seasons with Hummels close to signing with Manchester last season. With an estimated value of over £100million, the Dortmund trio would be worth every penny.
  2. Varane – Isco – Benzema – Real Madrid are going through some changes and most importantly are preparing for a two year transfer ban that might start in 2017. If that is going to happen, they will more than likely clean up and spend big money before January next year. Three players who were rumored to be leaving since 2 seasons ago could come together to Old Trafford where they will be given the chance to perform on a regular basis. All three face the same problem as they are not getting enough time on the pitch. The trio is worth over £110million making them a bit more expensive than the players from Dortmund. Honestly it would be more interesting to see the other three come to Manchester. Not sure why but Dortmund players just have something about them.