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Manchester United Ponder Cristiano Ronaldo Comeback

Here we go again fans of Manchester United.. It wouldn’t be the summer transfer window without the prospect of a Cristiano Ronaldo comeback, and luckily we have just the thing breaking around the UK this morning.

Manchester United’s desire to build a title-winning side seems to know no bounds, especially if the latest reports of both Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo being on Van Gaal’s radar. No silverware in 2 years calls for desperate measures, and despite spending around £80 million already on transfers this summer, it seems United are far from done with their business.

It’s a familiar story to United supporters, and one that occurs after just about every hiccup Cristiano Ronaldo has at Madrid. The latest of these hiccups appears to be Ronaldo ‘losing it’ with Benitez during a training session, if you have seen the clip yourself, you’ll understand why I use the term lightly, there is no real indication that CR7 is aiming his frustrations at Benitez.

However, assuming there really is substance to the reports of a Ronaldo return, then it’s worth exploring the hows and whys. First of all, United certainly have the financial muscle to complete almost any transfer. It is understood that under David Moyes, United discussed the possibility of bringing the Portuguese legend back to Old Trafford, a move that was soon ended when the No 7 signed a new deal at Madrid. Secondly, Angel di Maria’s apparent move to PSG would leave a big void on the United side. The move would also leave the legendary No 7 shirt vacant. Di Maria’s transfer fee, reported at around £50 million, could also prove to be a good incentive to buy-back one of United’s most famous stars. Finally, Ronaldo isn’t blind to the harsh reality of the club he’s at, he can see how Real Madrid treat their servants. Iker Casillas is a prime example of how Los Blanco’s effectively ‘throw away’ their unneeded garbage, despite the years of dedicated commitment they have demonstrated for the club.

Cristiano Ronaldo knows he could return to Old Trafford to a heroes welcome, but the fact is that it’s just far too ludicrous to even contemplate the transfer at the moment. Manchester United might well see Ronaldo return one day, but it’s fair to say that the day could be much further than anticipated.