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Manchester United Announce Summer Transfer Budget

United fans should be very happy to know that there are no players their team cannot sign this summer in terms of market value. With a confirmed budget of £101m the Red Devils are serious about investing in new players. According to Metro, the massive budget comes from a combination of having signed one of the biggest deals in football history with Adidas and growth in the value of the club’s shares. With £75m coming from the German apparel company alone, LVG is only left to decide if success will be delivered by adding one or two star quality players or by making more wholesale changes to his squad. Currently, it looks like United will not have many competitors if they decide to go for a player like Gareth Bale or Ronaldo. Even though Chelsea, Man City and maybe Bayern have the power to sign big names in this transfer window, a deal for Bale or Ronaldo seems unlikely for any of them.

Bale is rumored to cost around £75m which should not be a problem for Manchester United if they really want to go ahead with the move. Even though the amount speculated is quite big, it is very probable to see the Red Devils compensate for some of their moves by selling players like Di Maria or ending contracts like the loan with Falcao who is the third best paid player in the Premier League behind Rooney and Di Maria. With all that in mind, the summer of 2015 seems like something every United fan should look forward to.