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Managers, Players And Agents

Managers, Players And Agents

It`s hard knowing where to start when it comes to why LVG should leave or stay for that matter. The Dutchman who was brought in as a savior, has not delivered what many fans hoped for particularly this season. He was never going to become Sir Alex Ferguson – no one can. He was expected to organize the team and build a solid base on which a new generation can grow. Maybe he was even expected to build a team on which a new manager could focus on and implement his new managerial style, a modern style that is only visible every other month or so with LVG. It will be interesting to see if Van Gaal can have his team bounce back after the weekend loss to Southampton, when they play in the FA Cup on Friday night where they face Championship high-flyers Derby County and if you fancy having a wager on the red-devils then why not take advantage of these weekend offers at bookmakers such as betway.

The Dutchman spent almost £250million, most of which went down the drain. Di Maria and Shaw are just two names that come to mind although the later had some terrible luck with injury. To that list you can add Herrera who was brought in for way more than he might have been worth. Pushing for a player like Reus, Aubameyang, Hummels, Icardi, Dybala or Cavani would have served the club a lot better. All will be water under the bridge soon though and hopefully the new manager shoudl he come will be able to bring Manchester United back where it belongs. On the long list of speculated names there are three who make a lot of sense. Some make sense from a marketing point of view, others from a technical point of view. One that makes sense from all points of view is that of Pep Guardiola. He`s pretty much the dream choice right now as he is calculated when it comes to transfers, he is the leader of the new generation of managers and he can build a team that scores goals and pleases the audiences.

The second possible choice for Manchester, no matter how absurd it may sound, is Jose Mourinho. His dedication towards the club would be something else as he has always been a huge admirer of Sir Alex Ferguson and United. There are other things that put together point to the Portuguese boss taking over. The key element in all of this would be Jorge Mendes. He is the biggest name on the transfer market right now and has all the influence in the world. He is currently representing Mourinho and would do everything to see the Special One in the Premier League again. His connections could make things happen. Add to that that he is currently representing Cristiano Ronaldo and James Rodriguez, two players heavily linked to Manchester United and you could understand why bringing Mourinho to Manchester could make sense. On the other hand, Mendes also represents Falcao and Di Maria who did not leave United in the best of terms.

Now comes the safest choice and probably the most tactical. Antonio Conte, who amazed during his mandate at Juventus, is rumored to leave Italy after the European Championship and join United. The Serie A winner is without a doubt a born champion. He made the absolute most of what Juventus had to offer and brought consistency and determination to a club that hadn’t won anything in almost a decade. Conte came along and dominated Serie A, won the Coppa Italia, the Supercoppa and made it to the Champions League final. The only issue with Conte would be that he might not have the most entertaining way of winning games. Not sure if that is a compromise worth making at this point in time when fans are desperate to see Manchester play like back in the day when Beckham, Ronaldo, Giggs or Keane provided mid-field goals, impossible assists and mind-blowing dribbles.