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LVG To Trigger Unofficial Buy-out Clause For French International

Even though nothing is official and the chances for De Gea to leave are probably about 50-50%, LVG seems ready to replace the Spaniard. According to Metro, the most probable replacement will come from the Premier League where Tottenham have set an unofficial buyout clause for 28 year old Hugo Lloris. The Frenchman who signed with the Spurs back in 2012 and is under contract for the next four years, is apparently willing to leave after having his head turned by the interest from United. Even since he first joined Tottenham, most said he should have signed with a bigger club.

With a £17million price tag, Lloris could be a controversial choice. Some say he is not on the same level as De Gea or even as Manchester’s other target, 30 year old Samir Handanovic. In terms of performance the latter are very close. Experience wise, they are again similar which makes it very hard to differentiate between the two. The Frenchman has the upper hand though given his Premier League experience.

In terms of keeping skills, Lloris has definitely been influenced by French football. He is somewhat spectacular, at times more than needed, he is quick on his feet and has excellent reflexes. He is great in one on one confrontations and is not fooled easily. He is a bit more unreliable than De Gea which is a problem given the fact that he is older than the Spaniard thus supposedly more experienced. It is very hard to tell if he will indeed be offered the number one position in LVG’s squad as so many variables are to be taken into consideration. Even so check out the below video in order to make a better idea of what the Frenchman is all about.