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LVG Offers Glimpse Of United’s Future

Even though van Gaal is 2 years away from completing his contract with Man. United, he already knows who will take his place. According to the BBC Ryan Giggs is very likely to be back in charge after LVG completes his current contract set to expire in 2017. The 41 year old had yet to have the chance to show fans his abilities as a manager. The 4 games he led last season were not enough to have him showcase his skills. He was also lacking in experience a year back, experience which he is very likely to gain by being around Van Gaal throughout his agreement with the club.

It would be a revelation to see Giggs being capable of great things at Old Trafford just as he was on the pitch. Even though Alex Ferguson is impossible to replicate, it is very likely that Giggs is the closest in terms of dedication towards the club. Working with Ferguson for 23 years combined with LVG’s experience with several important clubs could turn Giggs in to the ultimate manager for United. The midfielder spent his entire career wearing the Red shirt and showed an incredible work ethic which is very hard to find. If he manages to translate that to even close to the same level when it comes to his managerial duties he will be around for a long time and enjoy some serious success you would think.