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Is Wayne Rooney’s arrogance matched only by his greed?

Is Wayne Rooney’s arrogance matched only by his greed?

Wayne Rooney is arrogant, make no mistake about it. No need to point out that most top football players are arrogant, this one is arrogant in a most disrespectful way.

He obviously still thinks that he is good enough to play for Manchester United. The problem is that José Mourinho, his coaches and a few hundred thousand fans disagree with him. He is not good enough and was given far too many chances to prove that he was in the past, chances he failed to take.

He insisted that he had nothing to prove to anybody, another display of incredible arrogance and disrespect to the fans, who contribute a very large amount to his vastly over-inflated wages. He has everything to prove every time he steps onto a football pitch to represent Manchester United. He is, like any other footballer, only as good as his last game, and his last game was yet another awful one.

He, as everybody knows, has held the club to ransom on two occasions, both of which resulted in totally undeserved contract extensions and wage rises. He should have been sold the first time he showed any sign of being the petulant, arrogant brat he has become.

Now he has the chance to go to Everton. It would mean taking a pay cut but so what, it’s his boyhood club. I, being from Manchester, would turn out for Manchester United for nothing! So why won’t he take a pay cut? Because he is greedy and very, very selfish. He would rather sit on the bench at a club he doesn’t love, than play every week for the one that he does.

He is not a legend and was never world class and should stop behaving as though he is both. He could probably make the move to MLS and find somebody daft enough to pay him a lot of money but poor old Wayne can’t see himself too far from the north-west. If he could than he would have been gone by now.

Ideally, what he wants is Manchester United wages at Everton. Like a kid trying to grab as many toys as he can he is finding out that he can’t have everything. Everton simply either can’t, don’t want to or won’t afford his wages and are testing whether his love for them is greater than his love for money. They are finding out that it isn’t.

It’s just a pity that United were crazy enough to pay Rooney the obscene amount that they do as it gives him the perfect opportunity to sit on the bench for a year and do nothing, something he obviously prefers to playing every week.

If, as feared, he does see out the final year of his contract then he will leave United with a lot more fans hating him than he has at present. He has never been the most liked player in United’s history and this episode, which is further proof of how little he actually cares for the club, could very well see him leave as one of the most hated players in United’s history.

Sad but true.

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