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Is Valdes Good Enough To Replace De Gea?

De Gea has yet to sign a new deal with United even though he already found out if his team will play in next year’s Champions League or not. LVG and Valdes also hinted towards a possible departure which makes things pretty clear. If nothing is done by the end of the week it is very likely to see the Spaniard return to his home country. According to the BBC, Manchester United’s former keeper, Raimond van der Gouw is convinced that losing the 24 year old keeper would not be a disaster though as Victor Valdes is more than suited to fill in his compatriot’s shoes. Not sure how many people would agree to that after Barcelona’s former keeper spent a year recovering after a nasty injury. The 33 year old who was once seen as one of the best keepers in the world is now at rebuilding his career and does not look nowhere nearly as good as De Gea who next to Courtois represent the future of goalkeeping.

Der Gouw, who spent 6 years playing for United even went as far as to compare Valdes to Van Der Sar who was a key element for the club up until 2011 when he retired. To be fair, the Spaniard was kind of spectacular during his last seasons with Barcelona but the year spent off the pitch could have caused some serious damage. It is going to be very hard for LVG to decide if he should count on Valdes or if he should go for big names like Cech or Casillas.