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Is Rooney the man to lead us forward?

Is Rooney the man to lead us forward?

With Jose’s reign at Old Trafford about to burst into life with the expected signings of star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic from PSG and attacking midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Dortmund, many Red Devil fans have started to turn their attention to the new season.

Anticipation is running high as United try to forget the last 3yrs of mediocre football. One question remains unanswered though…..

Who should captain Manchester United?

United have always had a leader on the pitch, someone who would rally the troops when we needed a last minute push for an equaliser or winner.

When you consider the legendary men who have had the honour of leading the team out at Old Trafford its staggering.

Men like Bryan Robson who would literally put his body on the line for us. Then you think of Steve Bruce, who’s body started to fall apart due to his continued commitment to the cause. True warriors of men like Roy Keane and the Serbian giant Vidic, who’s pure grit and determination ensured strength in times of doubt and weakness. Eric Cantona’s captaincy saw him lead by example and inspired those around him to higher levels.

Our current captain is Wayne Rooney, but surely we have to question whether this position will continue under Mourinho.

This is not going to be an article where i overly criticise Wayne Rooney ( I could write a novel!!) i will just summarize by saying that i feel he is a player in decline. Most pro players have a career of 15yrs and if you consider he has been playing first team football since he was 16 its only logical his body is now starting to tire. His performances over the last 18 months point to a player way is past his peak. Is this the sort of player we want leading us into our brave new world under Mourinho?

Do we want a captain who has twice asked for a transfer away from our great club?

Do we want a captain who doesn’t put effort into ensuring his body keeps up with the stresses of modern football?

(Extra training and quitting cigarettes might help!)

Do we want a captain who when the bullets are flying goes missing?

Do we want a captain who won’t put his body on the line for the club?

Do we want this man influencing our exciting young players when he can be missing at the most important times?

His lack lustre performances in Euro16 for England where he was overrun by an Icelandic midfield far below his apparent skill level will not have gone unnoticed by Mourinho. Will the new manager opt for stability or be bold and start afresh.

There is an ever growing case for the sale of Rooney. With Chinese clubs willing to foot his massive wages and pay us up to £50m for him it might be time to think about who will take over the converted captains armband.

Should Rooney depart it is clear we don’t have a replacement to lead us.

I look at our current squad and feel we are lacking any natural choice for succession. Apart from an ageing Bastian Schweinsteiger do we have any real leaders? Carrick couldn’t lead a conga! Smalling would be a good choice if he didn’t sound like he was a five year old on helium!

Will Jose give it to Ibra? Hoping he can have the same effect on our current crop of young talent as Cantona did on the “Class of 92”

Will United open the cheque book and pay a world record fee to bring Paul Pogba back to the place where it all began.

What are your thoughts.

Who do you think will be the next United captain?

Please share your comments with us.

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