Ian Wright: Martial A Bargain

Ian Wright: Martial A Bargain

Ian Wright has written in his column for the The Sun that Manchester United have signed a gem in Anthony Martial, claiming his price tag will prove to be a bargain. The former Arsenal legend believes Martial’s £36m price will mean nothing if his form continues the way it is.

However, the former striker warned the Red Devils that their new superstar could one day become a target for Spanish giants Real Madrid or Barcelona.

“It’s an unprecedented situation at the club, one of the most testing times in their recent history, and Martial has stepped up to the plate to be part of the Red revolution from the word go.” Wright wrote in The Sun.

“If Martial’s first three games are anything to go by, he is going to be an unbelievably clinical finisher who will destroy defences and significantly help United’s regeneration.”

“His two goals at Southampton showed immense composure, tactical awareness and technical ability way beyond his years.”

“Let’s face it, United are only going in one direction — and that’s back to the top of European football. And Martial can be the catalyst to take them there.”

“United are having the last laugh with a piece of business so shrewd that I believe Martial’s value will double in the next two years.”

“My only fear is the next stop for Martial after Old Trafford will be either the Bernabeu or the Nou Camp.”

“All of Europe, if not the entire planet, now knows who Anthony Martial is after just 80 minutes of first-team action at Manchester United.”

“But only a few people know who at Old Trafford gave the okay to signing a 19-year-old for an eye-watering £36million — which could soar to £57.6m. To say the fee was a surprise is a bit if an understatement.”

“But whoever sanctioned the move, he — or she — deserves some kind of medal for having the guts to back their judgement with that record-busting transfer.”

[All quotes via The Sun]

Ian Wright’s footballing opinion is well respected, and if there’s ever a striker who can make a statement – it’s him! His belief in Martial will bode well with United fans, and though his statement about the possibility of Madrid or Barcelona swooping the player in the future is very likely, the Englishman must also bare in mind that United are not a selling club – unlike his former side.