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“Go Manchester United!” screams American comedy star … whilst wearing a City shirt

American football (or soccer, as they know it) fans have given us a number of tasty, and mostly cringeworthy, treats over the years.

From being told to ‘watch your mouth’ in Atlanta, to the gloriously over-ambitious 2014 World Cup chant ‘I believe that we will win’ – football lovers in the USA are responsible for some absolute comedy gold.

However, ‘How I Met your Mother’ star Neil Patrick Harris, may have just stolen the crown with his clanger yesterday.

Barney Stinson (as he’s known on the show) was all geared up for a good afternoon game at the MetLife Stadium yesterday, him and his son donning their Manchester City kit in style as his side took on Liverpool.

And prior to kick-off, Harris thought it appropriate to record him and his youngen’s self-confessed ‘first ever football’ match and share their support for Pep Guardiola’s side.

“Here we are at the MetLife Stadium for our first football/soccer game … MetLife Stadium …” shared Harris with his 7.1 million followers on Instagram.

“Go Manchester United!”

*spits out drink* MANCHESTER. UNITED? Oh Neil, thank you for this.

It’s gonna be legen – wait for it because the City fans are never going to live this down – dary!