‘I Knew That I’d Gone’ Manchester United Legend Speaks On His Retirement And The Premier League Title Race

‘I Knew That I’d Gone’ Manchester United Legend Speaks On His Retirement And The Premier League Title Race

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has spoken candidly on his retirement in a recent interview on the Stick to Football podcast [via SkyBet] – saying that he feels he should’ve stopped playing sooner.

Additionally, the former Red Devil also gave his views on the ongoing Premier League title race. He picked the team he thinks will win the league this season – and it isn’t Manchester City!

Who does Gary Neville think will win the Premier League this season?

On the Premier League title race, Neville mused: “I think that Arsenal can win the league this season. Despite starting slow, the football will come, the football that we saw from them last season. The fact that they’ve started a little bit slower, I never think is a bad thing, they’re sat there in the pack behind [top].

“My worry with Arsenal is a centre-forward, I like [Gabriel] Jesus and [Eddie] Nketiah but for me they are a number two and three, they need a number one. But I do think that when the football comes, and it could come after Christmas at March which is the right time, they could be the opposite of last season – a bit of a slow start and stronger finish.”

What did Gary Neville say about his retirement at Manchester United?

Speaking on the moment he knew he needed to retire, Neville said: “I got injured in 2007 and I missed the whole of the Champions League season in 2008 – that wasn’t the point where I felt that I was going to retire because I was still thirty-three, it was when I came back after eight months and felt like the game had moved on.

“The injury was the ankle, I was out for eight months and had lots of problems with it, but then I also started pulling my calves and I was having those injections that felt like oil. When I came back, every season I thought I was going to retire but they just offered me another year.

“I retired at Christmas in the 2010-11 season, and I should have definitely retired the year before, I knew that I’d gone. I actually enjoyed my last six months the previous season, but it was a shambles the season after – I had Stoke, Everton, and West Brom, I gave goals away and should have been sent off in all games.”