Enough is enough, it’s Pogba or Mourinho

Enough is enough, it’s Pogba or Mourinho

The footage of Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho’s cold encounter in Manchester United training that emerged yesterday was, to say the least, worrying.

The pair’s unfriendly meet was a clear sign that things behind the scenes at Old Trafford between the Frenchman and the Portuguese are not right.

However whilst worrying, it was certainly not shocking.

Pogba and Mourinho have endured a visibly tempestuous relationship ever since the midfielder’s arrival at the club in the summer of 2016.

Is the World Cup winner too restricted by Mourinho? Or is he too unwilling to change is style of play to fit his manager’s preference? Is Pogba’s mind still in Serie A? Is he distracted by the allure of social media fame? Or is Mourinho simply past it – the days of Premier League and Champions League glory now just a statistic formerly associated with the ex Real Madrid and Inter Milan boss.

The answer is unclear.

However what is clear is that whoever is to blame, the pair’s infant like relationship is having an hugely negative impact at Old Trafford. To two’s negativity towards each other has spread like an infectious disease through the Manchester United camp, cursing the squad with a lack of belief, a lack of togetherness and most importantly, a lack of happiness.

Pogba is without doubt one of the world’s most gifted midfielders when he’s at his best, and Mourinho, one of the world’s best managers – his record speaks for itself.

But if the duo simply cannot exist harmoniously, it’s time for change. One or the other, or perhaps both, must leave.