Daley Blind Plays Down Goal Crisis

Daley Blind Plays Down Goal Crisis

Manchester United defender Daley Blind insists his team is not involved in a crisis, despite their lack of goals in recent games. United were frustrated after drawing 0-0 with Burnley at Old Trafford on Saturday, having managed 37 shots on goal and 19 corners. The Red’s failed to find the net in the game, despite the dominance, but some praise has to be given to goalkeeper Tom Heaton and defender Michael Keane – both products of United’s academy.

The result means that Jose Mourinho’s side have won just one of their last seven Premier League matches, meaning they are now 8 points adrift from the top of the table and sit in 8th.

United look to have very few problems when going forward but simply can’t seem to be able to finish. Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has now gone six Premier League games without a goal, something he hasn’t done since 2007.

However, despite all the negatives, Dutchman Blind is confident that the team are simply unlucky and that goals will come. “It is hard to believe,” Blind said. “I think we created 50 chances, maybe more, then it is hard to believe we didn’t even score one goal.”

“I think we made the keeper that good because we missed chances, he gets more trust and then he gets in his game. He’s a good goalkeeper today but in spite of that we should have scored a goal, I think. We had so many chances.”

“I think as a team, we were positive and a lot of energy we brought into the team. We didn’t give much away, not even a big chance, so we did well in defence with the team. It’s a bit frustrating. There isn’t that much more you could do more. The only thing is that we had to finish because we were we were on top of them, we didn’t give them any space.”

“We created chances, we played attacking football and I think that’s what the people want to see, only we missed goals today.”

“Even with 10 men, they were so much back into their own box, so we could manage that. But of course a sending off always makes it a bit more difficult, but in the end after that we created a few chances. It sounds like I am repeating myself but I think it is the story of the game.”

“I hope it’s just one of those days because we have some great strikers and some great midfielders who can score a goal well. I am not worried about that. We just try to see it as one of those days and be very disappointed about it.”

For Red-Devils fans they can only hope that Blind is right and that the goals do start flowing again. As it is, as there continues to be a United goal drought the players will feel more and more pressure to score meaning actually scoring goals will just keep developing into a bigger and bigger psychological hurdle the players have to get over. One good result of a 3-0 or 3-1 win would mean the world to United right now and might just start a run of really good performances and results for Mourinho and his men.

[All quotes sourced via Sky Sports]