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Could Bale Be The Player United Need To Win Back The Title?

Could Bale Be The Player United Need To Win Back The Title?

Manchester United have been much improved over the past few months and as their record shows against the top teams the reds are actually the best side amongst the top 5 clubs in the country or at least they were going in to the Chelsea match. As Martin Samuel from the Daily Mail said when appearing on Sky Sports’ Sunday Suppliment, Man Utd look like they are the up and coming side.

Last season Chelsea had the best record amongst the top 5 sides in the Premier League and although they did not win the title last campaign it certainly held them in good stead for this year. This seems to holding true as they have gone on to lead the Premier League for much of the season and barring a seemingly impossible drop in form causing them to choke, they will win the title after the next couple of games.

So this year it is United who have the best record amongst the supposed big 5 and with the addition of some key signings in the summer the reds might just be in the frame to win back the title. Samuel suggests that the signing of Gareth Bale would put them over the top and allow them to win the title. Signing Bale might be possible especially if De Gea ends up wanting to return to his home town not that I am suggesting United should let David De Gea go unless they absolutely have to.

What do you think? Do you think United need Gareth Bale or the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to win the title? To hear more of what Martin Samuel had to say, listen to the Sky Sports sound bite below from Audioboom…