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Adidas To Support Massive Manchester United Upgrade

Adidas To Support Massive Manchester United Upgrade

Adidas did not expect things to go so bad for Manchester United this season. After signing a massive deal in the summer, the Germans are concerned that the club is losing fans due to the poor form shown since mid-October. There is a solution for boosting the club’s profit as well as the club’s success rate and that solution seems to be Pep Guardiola. According to Metro, the Spaniard is ready to take over from Van Gaal who is way over his head. Seeing him on the bench and also in the past couple of press conferences clearly indicates to his departure. Manchester United will have a lot of high-end expectations next season as they have been bouncing back from Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure for a really long time.

The German brand’s involvement in who will join the club next year both in terms of managers and in terms of players is not that big but could lean the balance in someone’s favor. Pep Guardiola looks like the top pick for anyone who loves Manchester and would want to the team to succeed. Barcelona and Bayern were managed very well by the 44-year-old who holds one of the most impressive cards in the business: 74,3% wins, 15,2% draws, 10,5% losses. He does look like the man for the job.

Guardiola is known for being quite centered on his craft, meaning that he will control everything just like Sir Alex Ferguson did. If Pep goes down the same path he did after leaving Bayer, we are expected to see some important names linked to Old Trafford during the transfer period. Two names made the list both of which are attached to brilliant young players. First there’s Thiago who is probably the manager’s favorite player in the world. He could follow Guardiola just as he did at Bayern. Then, there’s Mario Gotze who alongside being a massive talent, he also has great marketing value for Adidas. Bringing him to England would be a big hit among the fans. Manchester will need to fight for Gotze who is currently followed by Liverpool and its newly appointed manager, Jurgen Klopp.

This whole story does of course depend on LVG leaving United which with a season and a half to go is still unlikely as with a manager of the calibre of LVG he might well go on to win a trophy this season and have a brilliant start to next year’s campaign meaning that he is far more likely to be offered a contract extension than he is to be replaced by Pep Guardiola.