1 Year On Life After David Moyes Looks Much Brighter Thanks To LVG

1 Year On Life After David Moyes Looks Much Brighter Thanks To LVG

It has been a year since Manchester United’s management decided to drop the one who was expected to become the next Alex Ferguson. On the 22nd of April 2014, David Moyes parted ways with the club that was supposed to dominate the Premier League even though their leader had retired. Luckily van Gaal was brave enough to take on a sinking ship and set it on its course for the year to come. Despite the fact that United is not yet on top of the standings, you can still see serious improvement when compared to what happened a year back.

According to the Daily Mail, statistics show that Manchester United is now on the right path and that keeping David Moyes at Old Trafford would have been a mistake. LVG regained United’s confidence on home turf and destroyed Liverpool and City who last year defeated the Red Devils by a three goal difference.

As far as the actual game goes, van Gaal’s style is a bit more pleasant to watch. Moyes projected a lot of his fear into the players it seems and turned United into a rather defensive team. Currently Manchester seem on the right path as players like Shaw, Smalling and Fellaini are being a lot more involved in creating opportunities to score.

Motivation wise Van Gaal is by far superior to Moyes. He made the smart and also quite natural choice of turning Rooney into the team captain Manchester needed. He also had the guts to leave Di Maria and Falcao on the bench and not succumb to the fact that they are the club’s most expensive players.

Overall LVG looks like the correct choice. He has established a better relationship with the team, he has shown confidence and character and he might just be the one to get Manchester United back where they belong. I think most fans wish David Moyes the best and thank him for his efforts and hard work but it was simply too big a job for him at that stage of his career and after SAF United needed an established world class manager with multiple trophy winning credentials. LVG has installed optimism and a sense of quiet confidence at Old Trafford – a much better atmosphere than a year ago not to mention the League position.